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As the name suggests, we know a thing or two about soap. In fact, we have soap-erior knowledge about the stuff, which is why we started this blog. Our goal is to share information, news, product reviews and tips 'n' tricks to give you food for thought.

But don't get in a lather; it's not all about soap. We cover all sorts of trending topics from skincare to ethics to food. There's even an article about monkeys in there. So peruse, absorb and comment too if you wish, because we enjoy a debate. Oh, and feel free to share our articles via Facebook, Instagram, texts to your friends or good old fashioned megaphone.

What Is Aleppo Soap: Benefits, History and Uses For Hair & Body

Aleppo soap is loved for its naturally nourishing qualities and is among the best bar soap for sensitive skin. Authentically made in Aleppo, Syria, it dates back to the 8th Century A.D. 

The soap traditionally comes in hard blocks made from olive oil and lye, but the ingredient that sets it apart is the bay laurel oil. 

Apart from being one of the most natural products available today, Aleppo soap is versatile and can be used on the face, body and hair, and shaving.

What Is Camphor? 7 Surprising Benefits & Uses of Camphor Oil

Camphor oil has long been used in herbalism and folk medicine.

Traditionally derived from the wood of camphor trees, camphor oil helps relieve pain and inflammation, skin irritation and itching, spots and blackheads, and respiratory congestion.

Camphor can also be burned to refresh your home and it’s great at keeping moths away too. 

8 Amazing Benefits & Uses of Tea Tree Oil: Melaleuca Oil

8 Most Amazing Uses and Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is a powerhouse! A natural remedy packed with antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It's long been used to treat acne, dry skin and dandruff, but it has other benefits too. Tea tree oil benefits skin, hair and nails while being an effective household cleaner and natural sanitiser. 

7 Surprising Ways You’ll Benefit from Using Natural Sponges

Find Out How and Why You Should Use Natural Sea Sponges

Natural sea sponges have many benefits for your skin and the environment.

Inherently hypoallergenic, sea sponges are great for those with sensitivities. They have antibacterial properties which makes them ideal for household cleaning tasks.

And since they’re 100% natural, they contain no plastic or toxic chemicals that could harm the planet. 

Vegan For Beginners: A Compact Guide To Health, Diet & Lifestyle

Vegan for Health: Your Helpful Guide to the Pros and Cons

Veganism is a controversial diet/lifestyle. The very word can spark a barrage of questions and an intense debate. Meat lovers often roll their eyes at claims that a vegan diet is healthy; science, though, begs to differ.

If you're considering going vegan for your health, put down that avocado and read on for the pros and cons of a being a vegan.

7 Benefits of Exfoliating Skin: How To Exfoliate Face & Body
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7 Benefits of Exfoliating: Find Out How To Exfoliate

When you reach a certain age, your once-enviable glow is reduced to a mere glint and your face starts to resemble a road map of Marseille.

Hey, it happens to us all.  If you've tried every "miracle fix" on the market with zero results, it's time to give exfoliation a shot.

What are the benefits of exfoliating the skin? Discover 7 ways and prepare to be wowed. 

Lemon Verbena Uses - 6 Reasons You'll Love It

Lemon Verbena Uses - 6 Reasons You'll Love It

Verbena possesses many powerful healing benefits for both internally and for your skin.

Whether you enjoy its light, refreshingly mild citrus scent, or its lemon-fresh flavour, or both, here are 6 of the many reasons we think will make you love lemon verbena.


Antibacterial Hand Soap or Regular Soap?

Antibacterial Hand Soap or Regular Soap?

In the light of recent events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was rushing out to buy antibacterial liquid soaps. We sold out within days.  That in itself isn’t a problem, but it made us question three things about antibacterial soaps:

Are they effective on bacteria and viruses? Are they harmful to humans and the environment? Are they more effective than regular soaps?

Hopefully, the following will supply answers to those questions. 

10 Interesting Results of Switching to Natural Shampoo Bars
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10 Interesting Results of Switching to Natural Shampoo Bars

Your hair is your crowning glory! It's your way of expressing yourself and flirting with Gary From Next Door! It's also high-maintenance and, now you think of it, not looking so hot these days and why is that?? Maybe it's time you ditched chemical shampoo for something natural and eco-friendly?

Let us show you that "good ways" and "good hair days" can get along nicely. Here are 10 interesting results of switching to natural shampoo bars - pros and cons included.

Why Natural Toothpaste is Good for You and the Environment

Why Natural Toothpaste is Good for You and the Environment

Brushing your teeth is a mundane but essential daily task. So mundane that, beyond choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste that meet your needs, you probably don't give the task much thought. When you're running late because your teenager's hogging the bathroom, there isn't really time for a toothpaste-related existential crisis.

However, if your health is a priority, and you want to live more mindfully, you should take a long, hard look at your choice of oral care products.

Are Monkeys Picking Coconuts: Myths & Truths

Just when you thought you had your ethical lifestyle down to a tee, along comes another source of anxiety and debate: monkeys picking coconuts. Recent media reports claim that in Thailand, pigtailed macaques are taken from the wild, made to pick around 1,000 coconuts a day and are mistreated by farmers.

But is there any truth to the claims of abuse and forced labour? Is it just sensationalist reporting? Did a monkey really pick your coconuts?

Is Plastic Bad for the Environment? The Myths and Truths
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The word "plastic" has become something of profanity in the 21st century. We're constantly bombarded with information about how plastic is killing the planet.

But - and here's a controversial question - is plastic bad? Is it really the scourge of the modern age and the bringer of environmental doom?

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