Natural Sea Sponges: Bath, Shower, Facial or Exfoliating

Natural Sea Sponges

Trade your facecloth for something fancier: a plump natural sea sponge that’ll leave you feeling pampered! All-natural and super long-lasting, these sponges create a lusciously creamy lather as you bathe. They’re soft and luxurious with gentle exfoliation abilities to boost your circulation and skin’s radiance. They’re also great for makeup application and household cleaning (though we suggest separate sponges for those two tasks). And if eco living is important to you, these natural sponges are free from plastic, chemicals and toxic dyes.

  • Hand-harvested from the Mediterranean Sea

  • Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial

  • Kind to your skin and the environment

  • Last up to 8 years if cleaned properly