The Natural French Soap Company Values

Ever wondered what makes us tick? Well, don't tell anyone but you can find out below :)


Transparency and Trust 

Those two T's are vital for inspiring and maintaining customer confidence. The other two important letters are BS, as in, none of it. We communicate openly and honestly, running The NFSC with integrity at its core. No compromised values, no questionable tactics, no porky-pies. Were as authentic as the soaps we sell.


Heart and Balance

Fast is best but sloppy is a nope. We work with passion and urgency, but every single move, product and order is handled with care. And we don't rest on our proverbials, either. Our entrepreneurial spirit shines through in our service - because our reputation (and more importantly, your satisfaction) depends on it.


Respect and Responsibility 

Without happy customers, we're nothing. You wonderful soap lovers got us here and inspire us to keep on keepin' on. So, whether your order was a success, or (heaven forbid) a shambles, we'll respectfully consider your perspective and deliver A+ service. Accountability is the mark of a legitimate, honest company.


Ethics and Equality

It's obvious we care about the planet. Our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, often biodegradable, and so on. But we also care about people. We're open-minded and inclusive in all aspects of The NFSC. We draw inspiration from cultural diversity because it's fun and it also helps us grow, which is good for you too.


Fun Times and Weirdness

Normal is no fun. Normal is the vanilla-scented soap in the box, whereas we prefer to be the one that smells like unicorn poo. With such goofiness and humour bouncing around, The NFSC HQ is our hard-working teams Happy Place and we hope the good vibes rub off on you, lovely customers.


Evolve and Improve

We know what you're thinking: it's hard to improve on perfection, right? But we like a challenge, so we're constantly working to offer more amazing products and even better service. Times they are a-changing; conscious consumers (and plain old soap fans) demand More and Better. So that's what we aim to deliver.


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