Bring Provence Home With Our Handmade French Soaps

The Provence region of France is a cultural haven known for its unique artisanal products. One of the most celebrated of these produits is our vast selection of artisanal handmade French soaps! We offer everything from the traditional Savon de Marseille soap that locals have been enjoying since 1370, to a versatile range of handcrafted soaps made from pure plant, flower, and food extracts.


A Beauty Bar For Everyone!

If you are looking for a luxurious alternative to chemical-filled and abrasive over-the-counter cleansers, take a browse through our impressive selection of handmade French soaps. 

We have beauty bars that are gentle enough for infants and toddlers. Perfect daily soap for both men and women. We even have soaps that address complex skincare and beauty needs. 

Want an artisan beauty bar for the sheer luxury and pleasure? Or just one that smells like popcorn or a toffee apple? We have that too!