About Us: The Natural French Soap Co.

About The Natural French Soap Company

Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business

They say never go into business with family, but we (Sophie and Ken) make it work pretty well. What started as a travelling French market stall in the UK has become an online store based in France, with fans across the globe. The world is our lobster, you might say. Oh, and our customer service is legendary.




Who we are at Natural French Soap

Who We Are


Bonjour! We are Sophie and Ken

We established The Natural French Soap Company to introduce authentic, handcrafted, natural soap to the world beyond Provence.

We know the benefits of using pure soap that's free from skin-irritating chemicals; we also know how fabulous it feels to lather up an artisanal bar of triple-milled Savon de Marseille.

So, after seeing demand for our soaps at travelling French markets, we set up shop online.




What we do at The Natural French Soap Company

What We Do


Your skin is in good hands with our sensational soaps, since every blend is infused with plant-based ingredients to nourish your skin with nature's goodness.


Our oils are sustainably sourced, our formulas are cruelty-free (most are vegan too!), and our soaps are naturally gentle on dry, itchy, sensitive skin.


The future of our planet is in good hands also, because we're committed to using plastic-free packaging in every box of goodies we deliver. 





Savon de Marseille Wholesale UK

Why Buy From Us?


French soap is renowned for being Magnifique, able to soften and soothe even the driest skin while adding a little ooh la la to your bathroom's aesthetic.


But while we're passionate about the provenance and superior quality of our soaps, premium prices don't wash with us. No matter how luxuriously creamy and lusciously scented, French soap shouldn't be affordable for châteaux-dwellers only.

Whether you want a reminder of that blissful summer in the South of France, a soap bar that elevates your everyday ablutions or a special gift set for your amour, shop our products for a piece of Provence. Got questions? Our customer service is legendary - get in touch!




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About the Free eBook

You can claim your free copy of our ebook "46 Surprising Ways to Use Your Natural French Soap" when you join our newsletter list. The book is full of great ideas and will sit nicely on your virtual bookshelf between "39 Steps" and "101 Dalmatians", and I bet you had to pay for those!